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#MayaTaughtMe about Learning, Loving, and Loss

Hey all, we hope this post finds you in good spirits and you all are doing well. It’s June which means summer is right around the corner. These past few weeks may have been hectic with Life, Work, and well…more life happening all around us.

When Dr. Maya Angelou passed away May 28th, many people around the world took to social media and to the Twitter to express their grief and share their lessons learned from Dr. Angelou on living life to the fullest with the hashtag #MayaTaughtMe.

Though hashtag offers only a small glimpse into how Dr. Angelou’s body of work touched many lives, its still awesome to read and connect with others who are sharing how much Dr. Angelou’s body of work means to us.

As part of our #JuneReads, we’re leaving this forum open to read, revisit or explore any book, poem or musings of Dr. Maya Angelou’s that has touched, taught, or inspired us to be better human beings.

Connect and share your thoughts for #JuneReads with us on Twitter: @blerdbookclub and Goodreads search: blerdbookclub.

This is one of our reads for June. Read more about our #JuneReads here.

Take care everyone, and as always happy readings.


Recap: #blerdbookclub chat for ‘How To Be Black’ with guest Baratunde Thurston

Baratunde Thurston is the CEO and co-founder of Cultivated Wit, and author of How To Be Black. We were thrilled to have him as our guest author during our monthly book club chat for How To Be Black – our reading selection for January!

During our chat Baratunde shared a musical playlist, elaborated on what inspired him to pen How To Be Black, his favorite authors, finding and pursuing his passions and what his believes is next for the Future of Blackness.

If you missed the discussion (whomp! whomp! Just kidding  :~) Check out our Storify of the discussion for How To Be Black below:

Happy Readings!

The Blerd Book Club: Monthly Reading and Discussions


Hey Blerd Book Clubbers!

We’ve had so much fun reading and #blerdbookclub chatting about books on twitter! We’re excited to be a part of a growing, engaging and positive community! Since we’re all about our love of books and chatting about them, we’ve written a little blurb about our monthly reading selection process to make it easier for members to follow along and participate in book discussions.

A few details about book suggestions, monthly discussions and how to cast your vote for the Month’s reading nominations are as follows:

A book poll will be featured on the Blerd Book Club home page on Goodreads.  Scroll to the bottom of the page  to view Poll for the month’s nominations. Selecting “comments” to view the full details of each poll.

Updates and reminders are posted and tweeted out when book voting is opened.

Monthly reading requirements 

Reading both book selections for the month is entirely optional. We’ve added a second book option because…well, we really like chatting on twitter, and adding fun and variety to our chats!

Book Discussions

We have the full month to read the book selections. The monthly #blerdbookclub chat schedule is posted  here. Join in and hashtag-it-out, with us!

Think you might miss a chat? No worries. Life happens. We are also on Goodreads, and we open book discussion threads for The Blerd Book Club forums. Feel free to peruse the forums or open discussion threads of your own!

We are many minds wrapped around a good book. Happy readings and we look forward to discussing our monthly book selections with everyone!